Security Alarm Magnets

Security Alarm Magnets

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Home and Commercial Security Systems rely on many types of magnets to activate door and window contact switches. When an intruder opens a door or window they break the contact between the magnet and the door sensor. In these applications you will typically see rare earth magnets with a countersunk hole in the middle or Alnico magnets set inside a plastic housing. Argus can provide these magnets individually or you can buy our Rare Earth Alarm Magnet Kit.
Our Rare Earth Alarm Magnet Kit comes with everything you need to install or replace rare earth countersunk door and window contact magnets.
Our kits provide 10 strong nickel plated magnets that can be installed using either the provided #4 screws or strong double sided tape.
These kits are designed for easy use and to help solve problems typically associated with drilling into new vinyl windows and tight door and window gaps.
Our Rare Earth Alarm Magnet Kit comes in 2 sizes:
AM400 – 3/8” dia. X 1/8” thick with countersunk hole for #4 wood screw
AM600 – 5/8” dia. X 1/8” thick with countersunk hole for #4 wood screw
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