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How to Separate Magnets

Whether for hobby, a science experiment, or playing with friends, every kid plays with magnets and develops a fascination for their strength. Do you remember trying to pull them apart and being amazed at their strength? On a commercial level, in ... Read Full Article

Cyclists Use Magnets and Motors to Cheat

Forget steroids and performance-enhancing drugs, cyclists have taken cheating to a new level with ‘motor doping.’ Professional cyclists in Europe have been found with magnets used in a small, hidden motor of their bikes in races like Tour de Fran ... Read Full Article

How Magnets Make Football Safer

Because of the high-impact nature of the sport, football is notoriously linked with concussions and head injuries. It’s not surprising though; concussions happen with impacts of more than 100 g’s, and on the field, players running at almost 20 mi ... Read Full Article

Safety and Rare Earth Magnets

While rare earth magnets, such as neodymium magnets, have a variety of commercial uses, it’s also important to understand and appreciate their strength so you handle them safely. Since rare earth magnets are so strong, they’re perfect for industr ... Read Full Article

How to Glue Rare Earth Magnets

When it comes to adhering magnets for a project or job, you may wonder, how can I safely and effectively glue the magnet? What kind of glue can I use? Since many stock magnets use nickel, a metal highly resistant to corrosive attack, it makes it diff ... Read Full Article