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Argus Magnetics

Argus Magnetics is a supplier of high quality industrial magnets and magnetic assemblies to businesses and people all over the world. 
We supply magnets to manufacturers, OEM’s, distributors and many more from our large stock and with custom magnets made to your exact specifications.

Why OEM's & Component 
Manufacturers Trust Argus 

Competitive Pricing

Top quality magnets at the most competitive pricing available

Custom Inventory

Custom inventory management programs that are always on time

Custom Magnets

We can work with your engineers to design a magnet that fits your needs

We Are The Experts
 for over 30 years

Argus not only offers top quality magnetic products at the most competitive prices, but also decades of experience in the magnet industry and what we hope you find to be the best customer service around.
Argus also specializes in just-in-time inventory management and custom inventory programs. Whether you need 10 magnets or a bulk supply of 10 million, Argus has a solution for you as your custom industrial magnet supplier.

Most Popular Magnet Items

Ceramic magnets are a low cost magnet used in many applications, including electric motors.

Neodymium magnets are very strong and often used in motors, sensors and electronics.

Magnetic assemblies are a high strength low cost option for a huge variety of applications.

Motor magnets are used in automotive and electric motors.

Countersunk magnets are perfect for use with a screw to hold them in place.

Packaging magnets are used to close a package, purse or clothing.
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